Application of Actors

We are happy, that you would like to participate in our event  ‘Lebendige Barocktage Bückeburg Castle’. Before you apply we ask you to read the following informations carefully.

Filling out the registration-form is mandatory for all actors. Participants who wish to act as nobility need a personal invitation given by the organiser.

All actors have to sign a Risk Disclosure Statement and have to have a Third Party Liability Insurance. Costumed persons who have not applied will be banned from the event.

Gunpowder for artillery is free after application.

Minimal requests towards the actors:

What is requested:

  • to act according the self chosen historical role.
  • openness towards the audience (e.g. answer all question, even the stupid ones).
  • politeness towards everyone.
  • observation of all orders given by the organisation team or the castle management.

What is not desirable:

  • costumes made from unhistorical materials (e.g. synthetics, plastics rubber).
  • costumes belonging to other epochs (e.g. classicism, revolutionary style, Empire).
  • Unhistorical accessories (e.g. wrist watches, piercings, large and visible Tattoos)
  • anachronistic acting in public (e.g. smoking of cigarettes, phoning, taking photographs etc.).
  • Early braking of tents and departure during public opening (exceptions possibly if applied accordingly).

Please respect the General Rules and the Security Advices:

Event Rules and Safety Instructions

Important Information for Registration:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has effects on our registration procedure, since personal data of the participants are ‘processed’ by us. The collection and processing of personal data for participation in the ‘Barocktage Bückeburg’ is based on a legitimate interest (Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. f GDPR).

What is processing? (Art. 4 No. 2 GDPR)

‘Processing’ means any operation or set of operations which is carried out with or without the aid of automated processes and which relates to personal data, such as collection, recording, organisation, sorting, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or association, qualification, erasure or dedeletion.

What personal data are processed?

All data requested in the respective registration form for the Living ‘Barocktage Bückeburg’, which are communicated to us by you in the following online registration procedure, by e-mail, by postal service, by telephone or personally, will be processed.

What is the purpose of the processing?

Personal data is processed for the preparation, execution and wrap-up of the event series ‘Barocktage Bückeburg’ as well as similar events, which are carried out in cooperation with the ‘Gesellschaft für Hessische Militär- und Zivilgeschichte e. V.’.

In what form will the events be stored and for how long?

At present, all data is permanently stored in an Excel file on a local data carrier. In addition, a file card in DIN A6 format is created for each participant and for each event, which also contains personal data.

Who has access to my stored data?

Access to the stored data is only granted to members of the Executive Board and to persons entrusted by the Executive Board with organisational tasks within the framework of the events to the extent absolutely necessary. Access by persons entrusted with organisational tasks who are not members of the Executive Board is limited to the administration of card index cards during the events.

What rights do I have with regard to the processing of my personal data?

The corresponding information is contained in the data privacy statement. This explains in general terms the type, scope and purpose of the processing of personal data within our online services and the websites, functions and content associated with them, as well as external online presences.

Technical information for registration

For the registration please fill in the form. Please check all details before sending. If the form was filled out correctly, a ‘thank you screen’ will appear immediately after sending. An automatic confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the e-mail address you entered (please also check the spam folder). This mail is regarded as registration and should be saved. Should we have any questions, we will contact you. If no return mail is received, despite the ‘thank you screen’, please contact us.