"Lebendige Barocktage" Bückeburg Castle 2019/1759
07.-08. September 2019

Summer 1759 – the world is in flames!

The Franco-British clash in the colonies, the struggle between Fredrick the Great and Maria Theresia, the Russian ambitions for supremacy in central Europe – all this has culminated in a huge conflict that will go down to history as the Seven Years War.

The fighting already lasts since three years – in Central Europe and in the New World – but also in India and the Seven Seas.

In Bückeburg Castle near Minden the local population – nobility and commoners alike – is seeking shelter from the approaching French Army. In addition officers of the allied British and German forces have take quarter here, waiting for orders from the supreme commander Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick. Fear and chaos prevails – and spies are lurking everywhere.

Only one year ago the French had already taken the Electorate of Hannover – and therefore almost won the war. But they could be expelled by the allied troops under Ferdinand’s command. Now the French are back again – and in force. The town Minden is already in their hands.

 At Minden the guns are roaring – only the Duke of Brunswick and his allied army from Hannover, Hesse, Great Britain, Prussia, Brunswick and Schaumburg-Lippe is now blocking their way. Can he save Hannover once more? Maybe the oncoming battle will decide this war...

  • Hofball

  • Soldaten

  • Tarverne

  • Gefängnis

  • Gefecht

  • Kapelle

In September 2019 there will be - for the fifth time - the ‚Lebendigen Barocktage‘ in and around Bückeburg Castle.

There will be a focus on historical authenticity. The Actors are requested to be costumed in historical correct habit and to act accordingly.

The goal of this event is to re-enact civilian and military life in the times of the ruling Count of Schaumburg-Lippe William (1748-1777). This time the Background will be provided by the 260th anniversary of the Battle of Minden 1759 (in which William played a decisive role). Accordingly the focus will be on life in war.

The location is the Bückeburg Castle – situated near Minden – which was (and is) the residence of the Count (nowadays Prince) of Schaumburg-Lippe (a small but sovereign principality closely allied to Britain in the 18th century, William being the grandson of King George I). The castle – including most of its interior – will be integral part of the staging, providing the audience with a fascinating insight into the 18th century.

A great experience for the whole family.

Saturday 7th of Sep. and Sunday 8th of Sep. between 10am and 17pm.

‘Lebendige Barocktage’ Bückeburg Castle








This event includes the presentation and usage of historical firearms. Therefore  loud cracking noises are to be expected during this presentations. Visitors are asked to protect their ears accordingly.

It is absolutely prohibited to visit this event in any kind of costume without explicit permission of the organiser.

Persons who want to participate as historical actors have to fulfil the minimal requests given by the Gesellschaft für Hessische Militär- und Zivilgeschichte e.V. and have to apply by registration-form prior to the deadline.

For more information apply to the executive committee of the Gesellschaft für Hessische Militär- und Zivilgeschichte e.V..

The Programme

A detailed bill will be published in summer 2019.

This will include will be several military actions, court life, hunting, duelling, craftsmanship and a multitude of other presentations concerning 18th century life and ‘The Battle of Minden’